How we’re super-charging UX, CX and MRX teams with InsightsHub

Last year, a fast-growing children’s apparel brand asked me to help them survey a particular consumer audience.

Their company had just rebranded. While they’d done a ton of consumer research leading up to the rebrand, they hadn’t included teens — a new market for them with the launch of a new, teen-focused product line.

Funny thing was, another team at this same company had conducted an almost-identical survey the month prior. They’d run a large brand perceptions survey, and had included hundreds of teens in the study.

Their findings were exactly what the other team was after. But because these teams operated more-or-less independently, neither team knew the other was doing this.

They’re lucky I told them!

The Challenge for Insights Teams

I’m all about giving insights teams more independence. Studies show that agile, autonomous teams move quicker and more efficiently. In my personal experience, this is obviously true.

But whatever value this agility adds is completely wiped out when these teams become siloed and duplicate research. And the fact is, even a 10% overlap between insights (or any) projects is wasted resources. Every cent of insights budget should push things forward.

I guarantee you: the world’s most successful insights teams are not moving two steps forward, one step back. They take huge strides with every project.

A mentor of mine once said to think about insights teams as cartographers. At the end of every project, their company should have a bigger, more detailed map of their customers and market. Everyone in the organization should operate with more clarity, certainty, and visibility. The best insights teams, then, make sure this map gets bigger with every single project. Nothing wasted, nothing duplicated. And on top of that, they discover new layers of insights by aggregating project findings and deep-diving into meta-insights across their various research initiatives.

But I’ve worked with enough insights teams to know that this kind of insights efficiency is usually pretty far from reality. Every team is different, but they usually face the same challenges when it comes to maximizing the value of their research:

  1. Data gets siloed and forgotten
  2. Workflows are inefficient
  3. Research is under-utilized

In other words, that cluttered company shared drive just isn’t getting the job done.

So, needless to say, applying smart technology with insights workflows expertise is a long overdue development in the insights space. An app like this is something fast-moving CX, UX, and MRX teams have asked me about time-and-again. And now, QuestionPro has an answer.

InsightsHub by QuestionPro

At QuestionPro, it’s my job — as Director of InsightsHub — to empower our partners with everything they need to be sure their insights are democratized and accessible across their organization.

InsightsHub is a built-for-insights platform that empowers insights teams to get organized, be more agile, and generate better research. By storing all project data in ONE place, InsightsHub helps CX, UX, and MR researchers discover new insights through smart-tagging, deep search, and knowledge graphing.

Think of InsightsHub like a CRM for insights — everything insights teams need to know in one, organized place. No more duplicated research or wasted insights. No more knowledge leaving when researchers move on. And no more six year-old spreadsheets doubling as project manager + insights database.

How It Works

InsightsHub has the tools you need to share & apply insights across your organization. It’s a dedicated and searchable repository of insights data, research methods, and everything your insights team does.

Every InsightsHub user also gets a live dashboard to see what each team is learning in real-time. No more siloed research or under-utilized insights. And no more knowledge disappearing when team members leave.

Researchers can kick-off projects without leaving InsightsHub. Define a project, then create or link a survey (or other tool) to that project. When research is complete, store key findings and nuggets inside each project — easy to find later on and link with other projects.

InsightsHub’s smart-tagging, deep search, and knowledge graphing make it possible to uncover insights you never knew you had. Connect projects together to discover meta-themes and cross-project trends that take your research to the next level.

Oh, and InsightsHub integrations bring all your research apps + data together into one single hub. It already integrates with Google Drive and Slack, and we can build custom integrations just for you.


Finally, InsightsHub is, for our team, a collaborative process with in-the-field UX, CX, and MR researchers. We want to hear from insights teams about your organizational and knowledge-management challenges. How do you organize and store insights currently? What workflow templates should be built-in? What integrations could make InsightsHub 10X better?

Sure, we have our own ideas. But it’s yours we care about. 😉




Director | InsightsHub (QuestionPro)

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Nick Freiling

Nick Freiling

Director | InsightsHub (QuestionPro)

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